If you own a business that's doing well but could do a lot better with expert marketing and an investor on board, please contact us.

Perhaps you own a business that has been impacted by the recession and you're fed up with it running you (rather than you running it…)? We may be able to help you, even if the business has debts.

Over the last 18 years our Chairman, Jonathan Jay, has started, sold, turned around and acquired numerous businesses. He has sold companies to private equity buyers and to trade buyers, bought and sold companies from and to competitors and private equity sellers and restructured distressed businesses into profitable ones.

If you consider your business to have 'issues', talk to us - our team might be able to put together a plan to save and turnaround your company, however difficult the circumstances.

If your company has great growth potential but is held back by lack of marketing, uncooperative partners or lack of capital, contact us today.

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