The results have been pretty impressive and I have had many, many new leads into my business. Many more than I expected. Now I have started converting those leads into new customers I am very impressed with the results achieved.
Clive Mallard
“After joining the mastermind group, our business has increased by over 40%. I will recommend everyone to join the mastermind group. It will add value to your business. My wife thinks I should go to Jonathan’s seminar every week. She thinks Jonathan has changed my way of thinking.
Oma Edoja
Completing the book and lead page outline has launched my marketing on auto-pilot. As a busy mum of 4 and solopreneur, I am happy to have this burden taken away.”
Ijaz Sarwar
“We needed to change the way we were marketing in order to generate more warm leads. We received some of your marketing materials, free report etc and decided to find out more -and it went from there! The more we work to drive contacts to the Client Acquisition Site, the more the system works! I would recommend this to other business owners.”
Paul Garrigan
“My business is doing well. I came to Jonathan Jay to try and learn new skills. The marketing skills I have learnt and the small key points I have picked up will boost our sales once we implement the changes. Thanks to Jonathan Jay and their training team.”
Carina Sellars
“Our Jonathan Jay lead generation system alongside google adwords has been live for a week, we have spent £100 on adwords got 59 clicks, 7 leads and so far one customer who has invested £59,000 so the system has easily paid for itself in the first week.”
Jimmy Crangle
“I have been very pleased with the level of customer service I have received from Jonathan Jay. They have dealt with my requests swiftly, my account manager checks-in by phone every now and again to make sure everything is on track and I have found that the whole team are most pleasant to deal with. It is about three weeks since the launch of our microsite and I am pleased to see between 20 and 30 downloads of the report that DL wrote for us, all of which we are following up according to the advice given, with one confirmed high-value booking already and a couple of others looking likely. Not bad for our quietest time of year. Many thanks, I look forward to a continued successful relationship with the Jonathan Jay team.”
Amber Hunter
“Before the seminar I was fairly confident of the copywriting in my marketing material but I knew I had neither enough leads nor the strategy to get there. Now I realise there are some clear, simple actions I can easily take which will generate leads. I now know how to distribute my business effectively and I have idea for three future ways to explore material in it. The information and ideas were exactly what I wanted - clear, practical, motivating - and the feedback I received on my own sales pipeline was priceless. An excellent 2 days and a catalyst for action.”
Alison Hall
“I arrived at this 2 day marketing seminar event at a time when I felt lost about what way to market my business. I have been successfully running seminars for small groups for a number of years, but found it impossible to grow them to larger numbers to increase profits. Two days later, I have a step-by-step model which has already been used successfully by all types of businesses. I leave not just inspired, but with practical knowledge on how to transform my business at minimal cost.”
Sanjay Shah
“My wife and I were thoroughly pleased with the videos which you recorded for us last month. I enjoyed being filmed myself but accept that your delivery is the best option for us to generate sales leads. Your sincerity and careful use of a cheerful smile are the perfect combination for the serious nature of our business. You also delivered the script powerfully and authoritatively. We are really happy to have you represent our company! Thanks again to you and the Jonathan Jay Team.”
Martin & Julie Marmoy
“I want to keep you as my own special secret!”
Jeff Thorogood
“Very professional, easy to deal with and quality work.”
Adam Parlor
“Jonathan Jay has allowed us to make a quantum leap forward in online marketing.”
Stephanie Booth
“Extremely efficient, easy to do business with and deliver.”
Andy Acton
“I looked at how much we spent on the Facebook ad overall and it was £70.00 and for the 55 people we got it would work out at £1.27 per lead! We then managed to book in 29 people out of the 55 sign ups we received into the clinic.”
“Investing in The Complete Digital Marketing System has been a turning point in our business. When we went live we couldn’t cope with the amount of leads and at the end of the first month we had taken over £100,000 and we can’t see it slowing down. All the staff at Jonathan Jay have been wonderful.”
“All seems so effortless allowing me to concentrate on running the business.”
“Takes the hassle of marketing away for you, leaving you more time to focus on the customer contact side of the business.”
“Jonathan Jay has made my company look much more professional. I was really impressed with the quality of the video and look forward to the response from the market place, the actress was perfect too. The communication was also excellent and team was very helpful and patient throughout.”
“Jonathan Jay Weekend. Exceeded expectations. Outstanding content. Inspiring. Practical how-to action plan. Hard to believe it was effectively free! Over-delivers.”
“Very professional, easy to deal with and quality work.”
“Excellent support and guidance through all stages.”
“It is always a great pleasure to work with Jonathan and Rob: you get a wealth of knowledge and great tips to help you as a start-up entrepreneur. Thank you!!!”
Lioudmila Drewitt
“Efficiently handled and is a relief to get this all done in one place, sorted.”
Manong Lewis
“Completely lifts the fear of failure from bad marketing practices. I can now relax knowing that I have the Rolls Royce marketing plan in place. I can now feel confident about my future.”
“Excellent, working with Jonathan Jay makes you look at your business in a different way, I already recommend you to others.”
“Now that we are live I just want to express my thanks to Jonathan Jay personally, and your team for the good work you have done in getting our system live. You have coordinated the team well we are looking forward to working with you in the months ahead. Above everything else the consistency of work has stood out from our time with Jonathan Jay. Your digital marketing system was very clearly set out, and I knew what I should expect to receive. The team were well led and coordinated and I have already recommended you to another company by sending them a copy of your digital marketing system booklet.”
“I joined Jonathan Jay to sort out my marketing potential and though a certain amount of digging through my mind was needed, I am very surprised at the expertise and amazing quality with which implementation team accomplished absolute correct results. This is extremely important to me as it will enable the clients to properly grasp the nature that is 'animal communication'. The team systematically ran me through the maze of PC admin and how things work, yes even I am starting to understand the first steps in PC marketing and lead conversions. I am delighted with our current results and looking forward to learning how all will unfold. Might I add that at all times, team was was pleasant, courteous and a most amicable people to work with. They were insightful and came up with ideas, which I value in a work situation. I really could not be happier or impressed, by team’s guidance and professionalism. I am very inspired and looking forward to ongoing development and success.”
“Jonathan Jay has an immense knowledge of on-line marketing and what works and what does not and they can deliver that with a minimum of fuss. I was happy with everyone from the team as they've listened and response was always calm, grounded and professional and really wanted to get to grips with understanding what we do, they held things together and got clarity into the process and writing. I value that I now have regular on-line marketing so that I can focus on what I do best.”
Chris Smosarski
“We have tried other companies who are not interested in us and what we do, but were interested in taking our money. Jonathan Jay have been the complete opposite and have taken the time and effort to set up our marketing system that suit us and our compliance. The whole experience was excellent, from the initial copy conversation to the conversations with the adwords expert.The professionalism and the dedication to get it right within the time limits as well as the knowledge and expertise was excellent and we have not had a broken promise yet!”
“Very informative, well organised, excellent presentation... hard work but very enjoyable.”
Veronica Fasan
“Excellent, very professional and helpful.”
Rob Mesrie
“I received a flyer from IoD and I was aware that we were not good at marketing. Most business owners are not expert marketing experts and do not have the budget to employ a specialist person. Jonathan Jay provides a broad range of expertise and a proven process to get more customers.”
David Wojcik
“On coming to the event I did not know what to expect but knew I needed help with my marketing. Jonathan’s weekend proved to be very informative and enjoyable. It was full of valuable information that was put across in a manner that was easy to understand and implement. It has prompted me to be more proactive in doing some marketing for myself and enjoy doing it in the process. I had always had a fear of it. The whole weekend was fun and Jonathan kept me captivated. I met some great contacts for my business and hope to keep in touch with them. Thank you.”
Barbara Louvrou
“If you are looking for a company that can bring all the strands of marketing together and make it work effectively for your business, then this company, and their team of people, are the first place to go to. Jonathan Jay has been very helpful, responsive and willing to discuss any feedback I have had. They have also been very prompt whenever I have requested a call back. Their knowledge and expertise of marketing have put together a coordinated marketing program. It combines all the elements of online marketing, including social media, that will help me grow my business and build something of great value.”
“From our initial meeting with Jonathan Jay introducing their Digital Marketing System through to the Time of going live we have been impressed with the efficiency of the process, the attention to detail and High level of communication with ourselves each step of the way. The team at Jonathan Jay have bent over Backwards to answer our questions and offer advice on what actions we needed to take and when and why. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the team.”
Diana Beckinsale
“I spent a weekend in March at the Jonathan Jay free weekend. I was sceptical about the event and its content; had and heard it all before. I needed to do something to help my struggling business, so this was the right time to do it. I attended the course and I got a huge amount of useful information from it that I could implement immediately, some of which would not cost the earth. We learned a lot of tactics and even got introduced to Guy Levine, expert web marketer. I exchanged contacts with an engineering company who have shown an interest in selling my products!! Excellent weekend.”
“When I saw the advert for free seminar I thought “oh yes what’s the catch”. I thought it would be 2 day of hard selling as other seminars I’ve been on. I was pleasantly surprised. The venue was fabulous. The content of the weekend was by for greater that I expected and gave me lots of tools and steps to implement when I get home. I had a fun weekend, learnt loads and look forward to more of Jonathan’s insights and gems.”
“As someone who understands marketing very well I wasn’t sure about coming to the Strategic Marketing Weekend. To my surprise I came away with 15 action points for my own company and ideas I can use with my clients. In my opinion it would be impossible to attend and not get immense value -just go.”
“Before I came on this course I hadn’t heard of Jonathan Jay or Jonathan Jay. I did wonder if the whole course would be focused on selling me something else - you get nothing in life for free!! I am pleased to say that in this case I was wrong. This weekend has been one of the most useful courses I have attended. I have numerous ideas that I can and will implement on Monday morning and I can’t wait to see the results and growth in business this will bring! I will certainly attend another of Jonathan Jay’s events in the future.”
“Over the weekend Jonathan has challenged assumptions and realities I bought here. Before this weekend I believed a strong corporate image was one of the most important marketing assists. This weekend has changed my whole approach to marketing. I have come away with a clear strategy for marketing - far more than l’d expected from the weekend. This is because it was fun + engaging as well as informative.”
“Having been in sales and marketing for 20 years, I was intrigued as to what impact Jonathan Jay could have on my business. The two days were packed with excellent tips and strategies. I’m certain by implementing just two concepts, I’ll be able to generate thousands more clients, helping clear their credit card and loan balances. Not only with this help transform clients’ lives - it will help grow my business exponentially. Thanks!”
“The weekend provided me with a clear plan to follow in turning round my marketing strategy. I expected a pitch for me to buy the next course. However the reality was that the course was a whole host of highly useful information for me to use with the option to progress when you are ready.”
“Prior to attending the course I was quite sceptical knowing that courses can be a bad investment of time and give little information that you did not know already. Having been to the 2 day course I have several ideas to improve my own self expectation and my business. I also feel sufficiently inspired to go home and take the business to another level having fun and success.”
“To be honest, when I got Jonathan Jay’s sales letter I didn’t like the look of it! The only reason I showed up was because I knew he was a multi-millionaire and I might gain a couple of tips. I also expected low content and a heavy sales-pitch for an up sell (which didn’t happen). I’m walking away with a step by step guide I will use religiously, because I have proof that it works and will undoubtedly boost our business results.”
“Before I came I believed that as a new business owner I was very much disadvantaged. The course was so fantastic that I am leaving knowing that I am in a great position. I have been enabled to apply the very best marketing techniques and I have been so inspired and motivated. I know that I can excel in the field. Thank you.”
Muna Afsha
“Before arriving for the weekend Jonathan Jay course I had low expectations of what I might gain. In the first hour I thought I had made a mistake and was on the wrong course. Having said that and reached the end of the 2 day course I have now gained more knowledge than I could have believed and instead of the door being closed and not knowing what to do next in my business, there is now a big shinning light and my head is buzzing with ideas. Thank you Jonathan and Jonathan Jay.”
KAren Mcbride
“I wasn’t sure about the real value of a free weekend however with no experience of marketing, found myself excited on the journey here. The ideas came thick and fast and I woke early on Day 2 and spent an hour using the Marketing Funnel Technique on my service offerings. So, action before the event ended! Thanks.”
“I have been to many training courses before and felt mis-lead about the content and benefits of the course. This is certainly not one of them! Possibly the most valuable thing I have ever attended!! And I am not just talking about training courses!! The info I have learnt on this course will make me a fortune!! 10/10”
Gary O'neill
“As a marketing specialist myself I was worried this would just tell me what I already known. How wrong I was! I have learned 18 new gems of ideas that I can put into my business straight away. The seminar has inspired me to take action immediately and will be worth thousands to me over the next few months. “I will be recommending Jonathan Jay to my network connections.”
“Amazing weekend. I was sceptical about the value of spending two days of my time with Jonathan. I have benefitted enormously from a deluge of ideas, sharing experiences with other delegates and inspirational talks from Jonathan. It has also been really useful to revisit all the things that I know. Putting into action all the things that I have learned from this weekend will significantly improve my business.”
“After spending the weekend with Jonathan I was given so many ways to improve our business on the marketing side. Prior to the weekend I was sceptical that such a weekend was possible. By implementing what I have learned I just know it will have a huge benefit to our business. Thank you for your time as it really did make our time a well worthwhile investment.”
“I did have second thoughts after paying in advance. But I was very pleasantly surprised. The weekend gave me very valuable and practical ways to boost profits. Amazing value for just low cost of hotel!”
Alan Selkirk
When I came I did not know what to expect. The Jonathan Jay weekend was a brilliant way to kick myself into action. I already e-mailed my team, we are having the first tele-seminar and first live seminar in seven weeks time -started the landing page. Speaking to Bernadette on Monday. Thank you Jonathan, that kick in the backside really worked!”
Costas Lambropoulos
“Realising that marketing is important to any business I wanted to learn from someone with a proven track record. When I was invited to attend the Strategic Marketing Weekend by Jonathan Jay I wondered what I would get as it was free. I’m glad I took the action to attend as I now have the clarity and processes to apply to my business from now, not just theory but practical steps.”
“Before I came I was quite sceptical, but having read Sanjay Shah’s testimonial from a previous visit he had made. I then knew that it would be a kosher weekend. The stuff that I have learnt once implemented will save my business a lot of money.”
“Before the weekend I did wonder if it would be another conference to be talked at and bored. However it was stimulating and reinvigorated my thinking for my consultancy business in marketing. Jonathan brings some very useful experience and insights for any business person to put into place to improve their business. I would recommend this to other people wanting to see how they can improve their business.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend; it was beneficial in many ways. I was somewhat cynical at the offering at first as it seemed too good to be true. I have plans and ideas that once implemented will increase my business quite substantially. This weekend has exceeded all expectations. I would recommend this to all business owners who are serious about growing their business.”
“Before I came I thought might get a couple of useful ideas I could use to generate more leads and customers. What I got was a brilliant. So much useful information to help build and develop a complete marketing system.”
“Before I arrived I thought being a free seminar Jonathan would be selling us another expensive product. But it wasn’t like that. I found the weekend very informative and I’m taking away some new ideas to market my services. Also I’ve learned how to do something better then what I was doing already. I particularly liked the comment on our own marketing materials after Jonathan had assessed it.”
Ibrar Ahmed
“I came with an open mind, perhaps slightly sceptical waiting for a big sell somewhere (like many marketing cowboys). However... it was great, and the time and effort to get here and participate was worth it many times over. I gained knowledge, great tips and ‘unlocked’ some of the things I already knew and had forgotten. I met some lovely people and best of all made some great and beneficial contacts - that is really invaluable, so thank you so much. P.S. Jonathan Jay is a great presenter too.”
“I came with an open mind but I would have been happy to come away with one good idea that would work really well for my business. However I now have several ideas that I can put into place straightaway that will not take long but could mean that I get a lot more orders by telephone. It was good to be able to take time out of my business in a very relaxed setting with lots of like-minded people.”
Helen Pengelly
“Having spent the last 6-12 months reshaping our business, we’ve been struggling to identify the best route to maximise marketing impact. I now feel well-equipped with a clear path for the action we should take and can’t wait to get started. My financial advisor warned me of such events and advised caution: I’ve been so impressed I’ve submitted my interest in joining the MasterMind Course to gain even more great ideas to ramp up business.”
“Before I came I was hoping for at least one nugget that I could take away and use next week. I actually ended up with one potential gold mine and several other nuggets. The gold mine could potentially allow me to cover my overheads every month before I’ve actually had to work. Made some good notes.”
Dr Surin G. Satveer
“I work in marketing and was not sure how much new value you could add. Especially since I have attended many events recently and invested in lots of materials. However I am happy to report that you have delivered real value, added a new perspective and given me clarity on some of the next steps I need to take. Not only that, I enjoyed your style, you made everyone feel comfortable and gave me a great opportunity to make new contacts. Thank you.”
Jo Rhodes-Lewis
“I came with real apprehension, but open mind. I was prepared to walk away if needed. However, I would not have missed the event for the world. Actually, I picked up six new ideas which I will be implementing this week. It has caused me to rethink the strategy for developing my new business. The event was challenging, thought-provoking and great fun. I met many useful contacts. I will come again to further events, without hesitation.”
“Because the weekend was ‘free’ I thought it may be bland and it wasn’t! I came away with my head buzzing and couldn’t wait to get started on my marketing ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the results I get.” Jonathan Jay Feedback.”
“Before I was confused and unsure about direct marketing and email campaigns. The process I imagined was complicated and too techy. Now, I feel very excited and clearer about what I need to do to scale up my business and connect more with my market. It has raised questions and clarified for me the use of testimonials, how to market training programmes to my market. I had a few light bulb moments: significantly I have made my business strategy too complicated.”
Karen Oehme
“Despite my scepticism the weekend proved well worthwhile, leading me to start a new business.”
Tim Luscombe
“When we decided to 'take the Jonathan Jay plunge' one of the clinching factors was your commitment: '... and you can ask us any marketing questions'. We had fully intended to take advantage of this aspect of the agreement, but we weren't sure in practice how open you would be to it. It was therefore a very pleasant surprise to find not only that you were indeed true to your word, but that the impetus came from your side. Furthermore the substance was really great.”
Jonathan Hinde
“I have a head full of great ideas and have started implementing them already. I came here not knowing what to expect - I now have a head full of dynamic suggestions that will see the light of day on Monday. When the ideas and actions work, I estimate an annual profit of £300,000 as well as a highly motivated team.”
Tony Donnelly
“I’ve been in business for 10 years and have come across many courses on marketing. This 2 day course is by far the best 2 days on marketing my business that I have invested in. The practical low (and sometimes zero) cost ideas have been a revelation. I know that I will make several thousand pounds more profit as a result. How do I know this? A previous 2 days with Jonathan Jay gave me one idea that has already generated an extra £5000 in turnover that can be repeated every time I deliver my introductory seminar. Thank you Jonathan and Jonathan Jay!”
Sanjay Shah
“A very exciting dynamic two days. It made me rethink my whole marketing strategy. Before I came to this I was unsure of our marketing. I am now sure of the way forward. Not only did Jonathan give me ideas but all those attending inspired and helped. I will definitely use Jonathan Jay and recommend them to anyone that needs inspiration, drive and motivation.”
Before I arrived I had questions about our free events, the role of the booklet and how to draw it all together into a system. Now I feel I have a good understanding of the marketing ladder and where I am on it with my products + events. I have also been helped to see the end of objective of our events, so we can say the right things to our target market at the events themselves. Thanks!.”
“So much information. Loved how you said we didn’t need fancy gloss then demystified and simplified and broke down how to market. It’s given me so many strategies to take away. The whole weekend was invaluable and I can’t wait to get back and implement them.”
Lee-Anne Uttley
“The Jonathan Jay weekend proved to be very valuable to me as it was jam packed full of great marketing insights that not only provided me with a bulletproof sales channel but will deliver a significant increase in sales revenue for my business. I know have clarity on the winning low cost, next step strategies to get people on my seminars and training courses. I would certainly recommend this programme to businesses both large and small. With the insights learnt, I expect to deliver in excess of £50,000 in additional sales this year.”
Craig Ramsay
“All value is context-dependent and Jonathan’s story about adding a Christmas show offer in addition to his birthday show has powerfully reminded me of this fact. This one reminder will very likely mean an additional £15,000 per sale. 10/10”
Brad Meyer
“Very educational but also plenty of positive, profitable actions steps learnt. Not only will I be making a serious amount of money but also with quality business. Will be highly recommending you to a lot of people. See you again soon.”
Shashi Nayee
“As an experienced direct-response copywriter I was intrigued to discover if Jonathan would be giving me new ideas. He did! I loved The Business Development Formula - it is a great way to focus on a business building strategy and I appreciate Jonathan giving permission to share it on my blog,”
Carol Bentley
“I came along for a couple of outcomes. One for better marketing of The Yes Group, where I volunteer as Head of Sales & Marketing, and the other for my new copywriting business, now that I have received redundancy. I realised that both outcomes would be huge and yet I didn’t realise that your fantastic marketing strategies would change my own business to that of following my passion of being an active writer and author for myself! Taking the funnel system and applying it fast and immediately would generate the interest and the custom that I thought I’d get in 12 months time!”
Andrea Nicole Smart
“It not only gave me new tools to market my company effectively but has now given me more focus and that will allow me to get the edge over my competitors. Awesome. And if that's not enough, made some great people and helpful contacts.”
Steven McAuley
“Before I came to the Jonathan Jay event I was hoping to get up to speed with marketing strategies which would drive my business forward. The learnings and information I have taken away has given me a full arsenal of ideas which I’ve been inspired to put into action - I’m ready to rock!! I’ve also met some fabulous people, excellent business contacts and the support from Jonathan and his professional team has been outstanding. The investment in my time was well worth making - I can’t wait to get back and get busy!”
Cath Lawson
“Before I came I did not know the exact sequence of steps on how to build a list. I have gained a process in a box.”
“Having just attended The Jonathan Jay weekend. I can honestly say this is the ideal antidote to recession for you business. Inspiring and supportive - loads of practical, proven ideas and systems guaranteed to make you more money. Enjoyably! If you are serious of being successful in business this course is for you!”
Billy Harvey
“Before attending this Jonathan Jay weekend my focus + realisation of the importance of direct + internet marketing on my business was minimal. Over the course of the weekend I have learnt techniques which are proven + work to generate £1000’s of revenue + profit. These were techniques I would previously have dismissed. However I have walked away with at least 20 different action points that I will be implementing within my business model to help me generate extra leads + profits. I have walked away very excited + motivated with the future success of my company.”
Sheetal Vithlani
“Jonathan Jay has opened my eyes to a world of possibility. You cannot put a price on the amount of useful knowledge I have now gained and will use. One of those things you must do in a life time. Brilliant.”
“Having been in business for well over 20 years, I have known that my marketing skills were not the best. I have considered the business of good, effective marketing to be the remit of specialists. After the weekend I am learning with real clarity about how to be my own marketing expert and I can use the techniques immediately. Had I known this stuff 20 years ago, I would be retired. I fully expect now to be increasing revenues and profits quickly across all media. Jonathan was fun, informative and open. I highly recommend training with him.”
Avril Millar
“I found the first day especially by Jonathan Jay very helpful in improving the structure of referrals using ethical means. Beforehand, I signed up out of curiosity and need, and now, at the end of the workshop, I think I can move forward more efficiently and make my private practice more profitable and satisfying. The whole course has been well-timed as the economic downturn has eroded my practice by worrying levels: a very worthwhile investment of time and opportunity.”
Dr Frances Williams Cro
“Came knowing that this would be a good informative training and networking event. Exceeded my expectations. Came away with new ideas and added knowledge which will kick start my new marketing strategy. Also added new business colleagues and, as a printer, found out that printing was still needed in marketing when I thought it was not a good marketing tool. Thoroughly enjoyed weekend and would recommend to anyone.”
Dexter Coles
“Coming from a project management background in the financial sector, I knew I needed to update my marketing skills. After attending the marketing session, I immediately recognised some of the techniques that have taken me eight years to learn. This will definitely help brings tons of ROI to my bottom line.”
Toks Aboderin
“If you want to propel your business to the next level you can’t afford to miss this shot-in-the arm, kick-up-the-proverbial weekend. Full of excellent tips, ideas and brilliant learning points.I thoroughly recommend you to come -whatever your industry.”
Dr Debby Swallow
“A thoroughly hands-on brain-storming, educational and feedback session, from which I obtained a lot of value. The smaller group than previously (at Latimer) worked really well as the interaction was greater. A tasty lunch being downstairs was convenient, as was the London location. Always such a good investment to work on our business, rather than in our business as Jonathan Jay emphasises! “One of the aspects of Jonathan Jay that I really enjoy is the energising impact of having a room full of enthusiastic business-owners who will give you honest feedback on your ideas and websites and add value with their insights.” “I always leave the Jonathan Jay events feeling exhausted but with reignited enthusiasm. It’s a fantastic brain-storming event that I rarely miss. When I lived in Brussels, I used to travel over especially to attend!“
Vinden Grace & Eve Gra
“Having attended several ‘other’ seminars over the years, and usually leaving in a state of confusion, this Jonathan Jay weekend is absolutely fabulous. Jonathan Jay’s style + delivery have totally clarified my thinking. I now have a very clear step by step formula which I will be implementing from tonight!!! This will definitely add a minimum of £100,000 to my bottom line this year alone. Thank you Jonathan, looking forward to our continued working relationship.”
Vince Garvin
“Before: I had the basics but lacked the model and the systems to put it together. I was a classic ‘send out a flier/email and then stop and then think ‘that has not worked for me.’ After: I have gained several Eureka moments and concrete ideas to put in place and systems to implement. Very good value and I hope to report back some successes at a future Jonathan Jay event.”
Don Wiid
“Two days ago I didn’t have a clue how to market my business in a successful way. In a short space in time you have taught me a simple step by step approach not only in marketing but also in building a valuable list of high quality potential clients. I’m more than delighted to recommend Jonathan Jay to anyone who is serious about building their business. Thank you Jonathan.”
Caroline O’Connell
“Initially I decided to go to join a friend and enjoy a weekend break away from my business. However, as the weekend progressed I appreciated the value of reinforcing what I already knew with added flavour and focus on action and accountability. The combination of direct personal marketing coupled with the technical internet marketing strategies is a winning formula. It has increased my confidence in me being me!”
Vivien White
“I came to the Jonathan Jay Marketing Weekend looking to understand “where things are at” with Marketing. The relevance to our business of the information was so much more than I expected. My “to do” list has grown massively and from the simplicity of the techniques the motivation to make them happen is really strong.”
Bodhi Watkinson
“Before coming to the weekend, I had a lot of passion and enthusiasm about my message, but no real clue how to get in front of people to give them the message! Not only has The Jonathan Jay weekend given me a step-by-step process to set up my seminars and fill the room, but also I’ve had my eyes opened to far greater possibilities than I’d dreamt of. Jonathan was so generous with his expertise and delivered the 2 days with charm, panache and congruency.”
Mark Newey
“It has been a worthwhile investment in time. It has given me the chance to think where I am to re-purpose my business. Before I was stuck in my thinking - now I need to prioritise all the questions it has thrown up + put my action points really into action - starting tomorrow! It was also great to meet new people make connections + network with intent.”
Judith Holloway
“I came to the Jonathan Jay weekend to discover what I didn’t know about marketing. I knew quite a lot, but had not got the whole story. Jonathan outlined some structures that will really make a difference - notably the sales funnel and how to create an effective sales ‘letter’ format. I’ve now got an ‘action’ list that will make a real change in how I market my services. The format that allowed us to question Jonathan and feedback to others was really valuable - whether giving or receiving - as I know having been on both ends of this!”
Lesley Morrissey
“Attending the course has given us more insight on how to market our target audience cost effectively. It has been informative and enjoyable. It has been reassuring to know what we are doing is correct and works, and not to fix something which isn’t broken.”
Irfan Ansari
“Two days in a conference room during a busy sales season -would or could I spare the time for another 7 day week! I have been blown away with what I have learnt. If I only implement a % of what learnt it will increase the response rate to direct mail. My company will make bigger turnover and increased profits. Let other businesses suffer; I know mine will survive in current climate and beyond. Thank you!!”
Jeanne Jones
“At first I was not clear about the sales process and how everything fitted together. Fiona has significantly clarified the process and by the end of the day I am on the verge of completing my book to kick start the process. Thank you.”
Richard Burwell
“Before I came I was quite sceptical, but having read Sanjay Shah’s testimonial from a previous visit he had made. I then knew that it would be a kosher weekend. The stuff that I have learnt once implemented will save my business a lot of money.”
“Before I came I was quite sceptical, but having read Sanjay Shah’s testimonial from a previous visit he had made. I then knew that it would be a kosher weekend. The stuff that I have learnt once implemented will save my business a lot of money.”
“The weekend was packed with useful and applicable information. I took 50 pages of notes and got 20 actions that I can apply to the business immediately. The distinctions and contacts I made will transform the way we market from now on.”
Desmond Tylor
“Jonathan’s Seminar selling weekend is a MUST if you have any ideas about taking your business to the next level. I came with a high level of knowledge already but learnt at least 7 key things that will add at least £5k to my business -immediately!!”
Peter O’Donoghue
“As a business growth strategist I thought I had access to and created powerful strategies for my clients. After going on the Jonathan Jay seminar I have come away with new tools and strategies that I have been able to immediately improve and develop my offering that I know will generate an additional £80,000 - £100,000 in revenue over the next 6 months.”
Nathan Tarrant
“Having attended many marketing programmes over the years and successfully implementing strategies. I came on this programme to take my marketing to another level. Being in an environment with so many passionate marketers stimulated me to capture real practical steps that I can now take away and use immediately. Jonathan is the real deal and I recommend the programme to anyone who is serious and ready to take the next step.”
Harry Singha
“It was great to learn new ways to market my seminars. Headlines that sell, I would recommend this way to my clients so they can benefit as well. It was a practical seminar. I would strongly recommend to follow the structure of the seminar.”
Irma Bermudez
“I always knew I had the coaching skills. I also understand the business model, the funnel and how to write good, compelling copy as well as the need for products, packages and the different steps of the ladder. Why am I on the APC course then? Well, I had been struggling with finding my market and my niche for so long! After researching and changing my niche 3 times over the last 3 weeks, today finally gave me the oh so valuable 'a - ah!' moment! I now have my niche marketing tightly narrowed down and I have to thank Fiona Challis for that! So, thank you, thank you, thank you! You can't begin to understand how valuable this is to me as I can finally start driving my business forward!”
Alain Balanche-Jacquet
“This marketing weekend was jam-packed with information but might get this somewhere else. What you can’t find is Jonathan Jay’s character which encourages you to stimulate new ideas which you can personalise specific to your business. It is a must for every cannot afford to miss this seminar. So many low-cost effective marketing strategies. It’s FREE but I think I gained knowledge worth £1000. Thanks Jonathan.”
Shubho Dutta
“Today has been for me about the flow - how each step of the marketing ladder leads to the next. I have also realised that I need to start with the end in mind - what do I ultimately want to sell to my client.”
Anusha Moodley
“Before I came to this weekend event I was stuck on the marketing process more than the ideas I had. What this weekend has done is given me the ABC, structure if you like, on what to do and when. I took a lot of notes that I knew will save me massive amount of time and money. I can’t believe how quickly time went, the fun I had and the lovely people I met. You would be mad not to take up this offer. And I am coming back and sending my team here too.”
“Before this course, I’d been actively learning about how to build our business on the internet but really wanted to know how to get business-minded people into our training programmes. I have had several ‘ah-ha’ moments this weekend but the overall result is that I now know exactly how to fill our seminars, workshops, etc. I also know that this is going to bring in so much extra revenue that we’ll then be able to run the business in exactly the way we want. Hallelujah! Thank you, Jonathan. Great stuff!”
Kim Bolsover
“Before the session I felt frustrated that I was working with a blank piece of paper. Now I feel I have a whole toolkit of ideas, tasks, tools to help me move forward and a clear plan of action am going to follow.”
Nicci Bonfanti
“I came because I was not sure how to take my business forward from making a reasonable to good living to earning an extra £40,000 per year. I now have reassurance that I can put one or two things into practice to lift my business up to a level that gives real rewards.”
George Brownlie
“I had great time. I have gathered a lot of knowledge. I can transform all the knowledge to my business. I think Jonathan Jay is great guy. I will recommend him to other people. Everything we learnt is very relevant to my business.”
Ijaz Sarwar
“Before coming to BAP session I had ideas for my book but was struggling with the title and being as targeted to my niche as necessary. Now I am leaving with a very targeted title and content for my landing page. A good day!”
Robin Knudsen
“Learning how to apply marketing techniques like this will transform my business. It’s trebled my confidence in what I do and value my business supplies. Running a business based around internet, it’s easy to forget about your off-line marketing and how important it is to connect with your local market. 10/10”
James Stockdale
“A complete clarity of my niche and the book to promote it -in just one day. Well done! Thank you, Fiona!”
Lioudmila Drewitt
“Made a 7 hour journey from Glasgow to come but knew within 2 minutes that it would be worthwhile. Loads of useful info which I can’t wait to implement.”
John Wilson
“Today with Fiona Challis was excellent. I got a clear understanding of the process I need to design to generate a highly targeted stream of qualified clients.”
George Pirintji
“Before attending today’s workshop I was really unclear who my client was. I now feel that I have an in-depth relationship with that client that I can turn into profitable sales. Thanks to Fiona's expert insights. Thank you, Fiona.”
Paul Allen
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